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Triple R

Triple R is a therapy based Domestic Abuse programme which has three aims:

  • To enable victim/survivors to Recognise the abuse and its impacts on them and their children.
  • To enable them to Recover from the abuse and support their children to do so.
  • To develop Resilience by building on their strengths and addressing challenges in order to build a better sustainable safe future for themselves and their families.

The programme has four modules:

Modules and Sessions:

  1. Recognition: Naming abuse, Understanding abuse the cycle of abuse/trauma bonding
  2. Recovery: Psychology of abuse, the effects of abuse/the effects of leaving, Understanding identity/self esteem
  3. Children: Values and parenting, the effects of abuse on children/communicating with children about abuse, Keeping children safe
  4. Resilience: Physical and emotional risk/safety, Society and victim blaming, Moving on